Croatia – 9 must-visit spots in Winter

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Croatia may be known as a popular summer destination, but it is also a great place to be in the winter months and there is plenty to do. Discover Croatia's versatility during the colder season, where beautiful landscapes and new experiences await. We have listed some highlights of what you can see and experience in Croatia during winter.
Zagreb during event

Advent in Zagreb

  • Visit the Christmas market in Zagreb, which is annually considered one of the best in Europe. Zagreb Advent | Feel the Light
  • Enjoy the festivities, light shows, and cultural events in the city.

Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Skiing in Gorski Kotar: For winter sports enthusiasts, there’s the opportunity to ski in the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar. Gorski Kotar – Active Holidays
  • Sljeme, Zagreb: The Sljeme ski area is just a short drive from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Sljeme Ski Resort
Spa centre Tuheljske Toplice near Zagreb

Thermal Baths and Spas

  • Terme Tuhelj: A well-known thermal resort where you can relax in warm baths and undergo spa treatments. Terme Tuhelj
  • Terme Jezerčica: Another thermal resort near Zagreb. Terme Jezerčica

Visit national parks

  • Explore the enchanting Plitvice Lakes National Park in winter, when the lakes and waterfalls are often frozen. Plitvice Lakes National Park. Read more about the Plitvice Lakes here.
  • Ice climbing on the Velebit mountain: For adventurous climbers, ice climbing on the Velebit mountain is a challenging and thrilling winter activity. Velebit Nature Park

Island Hopping

Hiking Tours

Christmas Markets

  • In addition to Zagreb, cities like Zadar Zadar Advent, Split, and Osijek have Christmas markets with a variety of local treats and crafts.

Churches and Historical Sites


  • Taste traditional Croatian dishes such as “pašticada” (stew), “čobanac” (meat stew), and “fritule” (donuts) in local restaurants.