Serbia, hidden gem in Balkan

Step into the vibrant atmosphere of Belgrade, where modern life blends beautifully with centuries-old traditions. Explore the beautiful mountains Stara Planina or Tara and enjoy the peaceful nature. Taste delicious local dishes and experience the atmosphere of kafanas, open day and night. Belgrade, known for having the best nightlife in Europe, promises plenty of fun. Serbia welcomes adventurous explorers; explore the mysterious gorge of Lazarov Canyon and step back in time. An unforgettable, adventurous experience awaits you in Serbia!

Food and Drinks in Serbia

Serbian cuisine is diverse and influenced by different cultures. Sample local dishes such as gibanica, a savoury pie made of filo pastry, cheese and eggs, or meat dishes grilled on the barbecue. Locals often dine late and dinners are often graced by live music.

Good to know when you plan to visit Serbia

Serbia, located in Southeast Europe in the western Balkan, shares borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Albania. Serbia has no direct access to the Adriatic Sea.

Serbia has approximately 6,7 million inhabitants (2021) and covers an area of 77,474 km². Belgrade is the capital and largest city. The population consists of various ethnic groups, including Serbs, Hungarians, and minorities such as Bosniaks and Croats.

Serbia has a moderate continental climate with warm summers, often around 30°C, and cold winters, especially in the mountains, often accompanied by heavy snowfall. The northern regions have a continental climate, while the south exhibits a more Mediterranean character.

In major cities, you can use your debit card everywhere. However, it’s helpful to have enough cash with you, especially when traveling to remote areas.

The best way to explore Serbia is by car. Public transportation is well-developed, with buses and trains as popular means of transport. There are direct flights from the Netherlands (Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport) to Belgrade. Car rental companies are available at airports.

Serbia is outside the EU, so call and internet costs may not be included in your bundle. It is cheaper to buy a local SIM card (costs €5), available at the airports.

Smoking is allowed in many cafes and restaurants in Serbia. If you are sensitive to smoke, ask about the availability of a smoke-free zone. During good weather, you may be able to sit outside where smoking is allowed.