Idyllic Retreat: Tara Bungalow in Zaovine, Serbia

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Tara Cabins Pure Nature consists of two bungalows located in an idyllic spot in Zaovine, within the Tara National Park. The bungalows, with enchanting views of Lake Zaovine, embody a fusion of luxury and minimalism, in harmony with the pristine nature surrounding them.

The black facade, constructed from wooden larch, is not only an aesthetic choice but also a deliberate step to minimize environmental impact. The color of the facade seamlessly blends with the surroundings, dominated by black pine trees. Devoid of unnecessary decorations both on the exterior and interior, the bungalow exudes simplicity, allowing you to admire the untouched landscape through the spacious windows and glass walls. Here, you can experience a carefree and secluded stay. We don’t know about you, but this place is already on our wishlist.