Lepa Brena

10 Nov 2023: Exclusive concert by Lepa Brena at Carre in Amsterdam

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Fahreta Živojinović, better known by her stage name Lepa Brena, is to date the best-selling female artist from the former Yugoslavia. Together with her husband, Slobodan Živojinović, and a friend, Saša Popović, Brena is co-founder and co-owner of Grand Production, the largest record label and production company in the Balkans. This successful singer, actress and businesswoman is coming to Royal Theatre Carré for an exclusive concert on Friday 10 November 2023.


Brena was born in the part of socialist Yugoslavia that is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her first live performance in front of an audience was when she sang a song by fellow Bosnian artist Kemal Monteno in fifth grade at a local festival. She adopted the stage name “Lepa Brena” early on, “Lepa” meaning beautiful in Serbian (showman Minimaks branded her with it) while “Brena” is an old nickname given to her by her childhood basketball coach.

With her progressive take on the pop-folk genre, Brena’s popularity exploded and she was soon seen as the “Madonna of the Balkans”.