Balkan restaurants in Netherlands

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You ate delicious food on one of your trips through the Balkans and once back in the Netherlands you want to know if there are any restaurants in the Netherlands where you can do this over again? And not just good food, but imagine yourself on that holiday again and relive the atmosphere!

The good news is that there certainly are. Here is a list of restaurants in the Netherlands that we know and recommend. Is your favourite not among them? And do you have any tips? Let us know!

Balkandeli Rotterdam

Enjoy Balkandeli in Rotterdam with a range of traditional Balkan dishes, such as cevapi and burek, served with a modern twist. Once a month, on a Friday, they organise an evening with live music and food. Tip, book in advance.

Balkan Restaurant Ede

Taste the flavours of the Balkans in Ede, where traditional dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and served in a cosy atmosphere.

Mostar Grill Helmond

Experience the taste of Mostar in Helmond, with a varied menu of grilled meats, homemade dishes and a welcoming atmosphere.

Restaurant Balkangrill Assen

Discover the Balkans in Assen with a wide range of grilled meats, mezze and traditional dishes, served with friendly service.

Balkangrill Den Haag

Indulge your taste buds in The Hague with Balkangrill, where tasty dishes and a relaxed atmosphere come together.

Klopa Tilburg

Indulge yourself in Tilburg with Klopa, which combines authentic Balkan dishes and homely hospitality for a delicious culinary experience.

Balkan Restaurant Sarajevo

Discover the flavours of Sarajevo in Amsterdam, with a menu full of traditional Balkan dishes and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


A vibrant meeting place in Tilburg where creativity, community and good food come together. With an eclectic menu, fun atmosphere and various cultural events such as concerts, Kollektivo offers a unique experience.

Zest Amsterdam

Experience Balkan (inspired by Bulgarian food) with a twist in Amsterdam, where Zest serves modern interpretations of traditional dishes in a contemporary setting.

Dubrovnik Restaurant

In Amsterdam, enjoy Dubrovnik, where Balkan dishes are lovingly prepared and served in cosy surroundings.

Balkanrestaurant Macedonië

Taste the authentic flavours of Macedonia in Groningen, where traditional dishes and hospitality take you on a culinary journey through the Balkans.

Kalemegdan Amsterdam

Balkan stage café named after the Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade. A warm place where flavours and cultures come together. Frequent weekend performances and small bites with delicious drinks.

Balkangrill Boro Utrecht

Within walking distance from Utrecht Centraal you will find steakhouse Balkangrill Boro, where you can sit outside right on the Gracht and enjoy Balkan dishes and a good atmosphere.

Header foto: Balkandeli Rotterdam