Bosnian Colorado; sand pyramids in Foča

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At only four locations worldwide, a fascinating natural phenomenon can be found: sand pyramids in Colorado (USA), the Dolomites (Italy), Devil's Town (Serbia), and Foča (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Bosnian Colorado

The many sand pyramids will surprise you with their appearance, compactly stacked and some up to 20 metres high. They start wide at the bottom and narrow towards the top. Made of sandy clay, they owe their name to this material. To the right of the sand pyramids, a landscaped staircase leads to a lookout point, where an even more impressive view of this natural phenomenon can be admired, as the pyramids are larger at the back.

Formed by erosion, with parts of the hillside broken off, the pyramids show the impact of wind, rain, snow, frost and summer heat over many years. They are eroded, dried and formed of firmer boulders with impressive pointed tops. Also a remarkable sight are the trees growing on the edges of the sand pyramids, with roots hanging half in the air. The wider area was once home to a lignite mine, which probably contributes to its peculiarity.

Cycle path of 20 km long

Recently, the marking of a 20 km long cycle path connecting the town of Foča with the Pyramids has been completed. Over twenty signposts have been installed to prevent those who are here for the first time from going in the wrong direction.”

How to get to the pyramids in Foča?

The sand pyramids are located in the village of Dančići in the Prin Do area, just 9 km from Foča. On the road from Foča to Sarajevo, there are signs indicating the way to the sand pyramids. The location is beautifully arranged, with paths and stairs around the pyramids, as well as viewpoints providing a nice view of this truly unique spectacle.