Ćevapčići in Sarajevo

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Ćevapčići is a meat dish known under different names all over the Balkans. They are grilled minced sausages and they are so creamy that they melt in your mouth when you eat them. Although it is considered fast food, the process of making them is very delicate and only the real connoisseurs and cooks can make good ćevapi.

We ate them in different parts of the Balkans, and everywhere the flavour is slightly different or a different composition of meat is used. A favourite place to taste them is Bascarsija in Sarajevo, where there is a long tradition of cevapcici. So should you visit the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina any time soon, stop by these top three locations where they are served fresh, creamy and as they should be. Enjoy!

Recently, well-known Youtuber Robert Dacesin and two friends from abroad ate cevapcici at three different cities, in Travnik, Banja Luka and Sarajevo. Curious about the ladies’ opinion? Watch the video below, English is spoken in the video.