Favourite places to eat in Novi Sad by influencer Jelena

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To bring you the best travel tips and best spots, we meet locals, bloggers and influencers from all over the Balkans. During her visit to Novi Sad, founder Ivana spoke with lifestyle influencer Jelena Cvetkovic (1982) who has a successful Instagram account 'jelenaindnevnik' (diary of Jelena) where she shares content on all kinds of topics that concern her in everyday life. Especially for Balkanlocals, she tells how and where she spends her day off in Novi Sad and tips 7 great places to eat!

Hi Jelena can you tell us more about yourself and your IG account?

‘Nice to meet you and what a great initiative Balkanlocals! I am 40 years young and was born in Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina). I have lived in Novi Sad for 28 years and completed my education here. I worked in a bank for 13 years, then I needed a change and travelled to Canada where I lived for a while. This did not last long and I decided to continue my life in Novi Sad. For about a year I have had my own Instagram account where I share content on all kinds of topics related to my life. Think personal development, fashion, food and drink, travel and new places, and all with a big dose of humour and no censorship.’

What makes Novi Sad so special?

‘Despite not being born in Novi Sad, I feel that this is my city and I really love this city. What I find especially special in Vojvodina is the gastronomy and that is why I will take you through some of my favourite catering establishments. Will you join me?’

Ok, we like to go out with you, what does your day look like?

‘When I get up in the morning, I think it’s important to have a good breakfast and I usually get some goodies at one of Novi Sad’s markets. One of the most famous markets is the famous Futoška market where you can not only buy good food. Its location also makes it a kind of signpost or rather my starting point through the city. I always meet my friends in Futoška and we continue our tour further through the city. It is the crossroads that leads to all the other sights of Novi Sad. Fun fact is that they sell all the necessary household items here, you don’t expect this easily at a market.

After breakfast, we go for coffee at my favourite cafeteria Izlet and I dare to claim they serve the best coffee in Novi Sad. The cafeteria is located in the most beautiful city park, Danube Park, another plus to get your coffee here. Besides many types of coffee they offer, you can also get freshly squeezed drinks here. The staff are nice and professional and happy to welcome you!’

We do feel like eating now and are curious about your favourite places to eat?

Oeh, it is not easy to make a selection and it also depends on what I am in the mood for that day (laughs). Ok here they come, my favourites spots in Novi Sad, from street food to romantic dining.

Restaurant “Plava Frajla” (Cuisine from Vojvodina)

Is located on Spence and has been operating for decades and guarantees good food and excellent service. Here, try their homemade soup and noazette in cream as well as the famous Marquisa cake.

Restaurant “Veliki” (Austro-Hungarian cuisine)

In the heart of Novi Sad (Pašićeva Street) and a few metres from Matica Srpska you will find this gem with great atmosphere, and food for lovers of sweet flavours in savoury dishes. My tip is the pork tenderloin in apple sauce and the turkey with cherries. You can also stay overnight at their 3-star hotel.

Fish restaurant “Kućerak na Ribarca”

On the Ribar peninsula on the Danube, you will find an authentic ambiance of this fish restaurant where all kinds of river fish are offered. The fish is prepared in several ways (baked on a talandara, grilled, fried). Live Tambourine music is regularly played, there is singing and a good glass of wine. La dolce vita in Serbian style.

Best pizza

When I think of fast food, I think of pizza or burgers. The best pizza in town is at “Infonity pizza” located at Kisacka Street 31. Inside the pizzeria, there is little room to sit (apart from 3 bar stools) so ideal for takeaway. The selection is large, not to mention the taste. In my opinion, the taste of the pizzas is the closest to pizzas I have eaten in Italy.

Hamburgers to lick your fingers off!

As for burgers, I can recommend “Toaster bar” in the city centre 10 metres from The Name of the Mary Church (known as the “Novi Sad cathedral”). Toaster bar offers a large selection of burgers that are exceptionally tasty.

Romantic dining

For a romantic date, I would recommend the restaurant “Project 72 Wine&Deli”! You can go here for small portions of excellent food and fantastic wines. Located in a quiet part of the city centre, Kosovska Street, it is ideal to enjoy without the crowds and noise of passers-by. From their menu, I would recommend venison kebab and goat cheese mousse.


Vojvodina is known for a large number of wineries and excellent wine. On days when I want to have a glass of wine with my friends, I go to “KućaRakijeIVINA”.

They have an extraordinary and impressive range of various wines, and with the soft sounds of the saxophone, you imagine yourself in a pleasant atmosphere and it’s enjoyable.

Wow nice list, we must return to Novi Sad soon. Anything to add?

If you visit Novi Sad in summer, don’t miss swimming at Strand, the famous Novi Sad beach on the Danube and our city’s trademark, as well as Europe’s biggest music festival “Exit”, held for more than 20 years on the first weekend of July. Hope to see you soon in the city of culture!