Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo!

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Korcula, a 2 hour ferryride from Dubrovnik or Split

Set in South Dalmatia, a 2 hour ferry/boat ride from Dubrovnik or Split, Korčula is the 6th largest island in Croatia. The legend says that the island was founded by the Greek hero Antenor who fled Troy. The other says Poseidon was jealous of the nymph Korkyra so he transformed her into an island paradise and called it Korkyra Melania. The island is outlined with dense pine trees and certainly delivers Adriatic charm in the form of quaint villages, olive groves, and vineyards surrounded by the pristine, crystal clear water. Eating Al Fresco is an exquisite event and LD Michelin star restaurant offers just that.

Vineries and faded grandeur

Trip to the island’s vineries indulges all senses as Korčula’s vast vineyards stretch across the island, producing delicious wines from the indigenous Pošip and Grk grapes. Korčula, also the name of the town, is a well preserved medieval place built in the fishbone shape that gives locals protection from the sun and the winds. The town’s narrow streets and stone houses are full of faded grandeur.

Ancient coats of arms of Venetian doges

For the culture fix one should head to the Old town entering it by climbing the stone steps and walking through the gate of the 14th-century fortifications, that display ancient coats of arms of Venetian doges and Korčulan governors. The towering gothic-renaissance St Mark’s Cathedral was constructed in the 15th-century from Korčula limestone, and is covered by elaborate sculptures and engravings.

In the footsteps of Marco Polo

Not many people know that Marco Polo, world renowned traveler and explorer was born on the island in 1254. The house he was born in has been turned into a museum. The museum retraces Marco Polo’s travels using dioramas and lifelike figurines dressed in medieval costumes. With near life-size camels, monkeys and Chinese emperors, it’s visually very effective and takes you back down the Silk Road travels and Marco’s time spent with the Great Kublai Khan.

Huis van Marco Polo in Korcula
House of Marco Polo in Korcula