Skampi na buzaru

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“I love good food; good products and rich flavors. These are obviously my roots, this is what I got from home. And if you want good food, you have to make an effort. This is how my passion for cooking developed. I enjoy making typical dishes, for example sarma or cevapi. Here in Amsterdam there is a Balkan store; Prijatelji. I sometimes buy groceries there. Turkish stores are also good, and some products from our region can even be bought at the larger AH stores. I make the dishes the way I learned them from my father, but I also like to use cookbooks like ‘The taste of a country that no longer exists’ or ‘Hrvatska na stolom’ for inspiration. The recipes are always in generous portions, so suitable for making a cozy evening of it with friends or family. Have fun cooking”!


Prawns in tomato sauce, this is the simplest way to describe the dish. Although skampi is actually langoustine, a type of lobster but without the head, you can also make this dish with prawns. These can be found in the freezer section of the supermarket.

This dish is eaten in Croatia, mainly on the coast side, but specifically in Kvarner region.

I like this recipe to make, it is very simple but with delicious flavors. You can eat this as a starter, but with a piece of baguette on the side, I also like this as a main course. You eat this dish with your hands, because you have to peel the prawns.


*olive oil

*1 tablespoon tomato puree


*1 onion

*1 clove of garlic

*dash of wine

*salt, pepper, vegeta (on sale at AH or Turkish supermarket)



  • put a dash of olive oil in the pan and fry the onion and garlic
  • add the thawed prawns and sprinkle the parsley over the prawns
  • add salt, pepper and vegeta and let the prawns turn pink
  • add the tomato paste and wine and simmer until a sauce forms, around 10 minutes

Delicious with baguettes! Dobar tek! (enjoy your meal)