The best vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade

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Belgrade, Serbia’s bustling metropolis, may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of vegetarian food. But this vibrant city embraces the herbivore revolution and offers a variety of options for vegetarian and vegan eaters. From cozy cafes to excellent restaurants, Belgrade has something for every vegetarian.

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city is Radost Fina Kuhinjica, which is known for its delicious and innovative dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty salad or a flavorful vegan burger, this restaurant has it all. Another popular spot is Jazzayoga, a restaurant that not only serves delectable vegetarian food, but also offers yoga classes and promotes a holistic lifestyle. Restoran Oliva, Mayka, and RedBread are some other vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade that serve food for vegetarians as well as vegans.

For those seeking exclusively vegan options, Belgrade also has some great choices. Praised as one of the best vegan restaurants in the city, VegANGELov offers a wide range of delectable dishes made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From salads with grilled wild mushrooms to delicious polenta patties, VegANGELov has something tasty in store for every vegan. Zdravo Ljubavi, a raw vegan restaurant, is another must-visit. Enjoy their delicious hot chocolate or share a plate for two while enjoying the lively and cozy atmosphere.

If you are in the mood for fast food, you can visit AHIMSA vege-yoga. This vegan fast food joint serves burgers, burritos and even vegan Ćevapčići, a traditional Balkan dish made from plant-based ingredients. For those looking for a quick bite, Bio-Vita Veganski Kiosk offers limited but tasty food options.

Belgrade’s culinary scene is evolving and it’s great to see the city offering more choices for vegetarian and vegan eaters. Whether you are a strict vegan or just looking for plant-based cuisine, Belgrade has a plethora of options that are sure to delight your taste buds. So the next time you are in this vibrant city, be sure to visit the vegetarian eateries and try something new!