Villa Basamak: a refined oasis in Sarajevo

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Welcome to Villa Basamak, where Scandinavian design meets authentic Bosnian charm in a contemporary fusion. This house, affectionately known as the villa, seamlessly blends its signature elements, such as the ancient wooden staircase (Turkish: basamak – the inspiration behind the hotel’s name) and the distinctive external contours and window shapes, into a modern aesthetic.

Discover nine meticulously crafted rooms, each a haven of tranquility and style. The two attic suites, with their spacious interiors and sloping ceilings, offer not only sleeping quarters but also cozy living areas. Characterized by a dominant white palette with wooden accents and beds sans headboards, reminiscent of Japanese bed styles, these suites exude a serene ambiance. Every bed in the hotel is crafted according to the designs of local artisans and carpenters, emphasizing the natural beauty of wood.

The remaining rooms are adorned in sand and beige tones, evoking the nomadic spirit of travelers seeking solace and relaxation in their own intimate space. Each room subtly narrates the tale of one of Sarajevo’s many traditional crafts or highlights Bosnian customs.

Nestled amidst such cultural richness, Villa Basamak is a gateway to exploration. Nearby attractions include the Latin Bridge, the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, and the Eternal Flame in Sarajevo. Sarajevo International Airport is a mere 10 km away, with the option of a paid shuttle service provided by the accommodation.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity at Villa Basamak, where every detail tells a story and every moment promises serenity.

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