Want to write for Balkanlocals?

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For Balkanlocals, we are looking for bloggers who have a passion for travelling and want to write about it. Specifically for countries Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, we are looking for people who live there, partially or not, or travel there often and would like to write about it. Ideas are welcome and your possible travel and interests will be taken into account. Writing a guest blog can be a one-off, but also on a structural basis. To write an article you don't always have to travel, you can also write a good article at your desk by doing research! Balkanlocals also offers a chance for people who would like to write but don't have the time or the possibilities to maintain their own website.

What is involved?

An article must make a valuable contribution to Balkanlocals, and fit the values set out by our editorial team. We want to inspire, motivate, inform and connect. A personal experience of a city or place is welcome, provided it adds value to the reader and gives a better picture and information about a destination.

We agree on how many articles you want to write per month, and rely on you to provide these as well so that we can grow together!

Articles contain between 800 and 1,200 words and are divided into logical headings. You may also provide photos, otherwise we will look for pictures ourselves.

Who is it for?

  • You live in one of the three countries mentioned, and can submit the text in Dutch, English or Bosnian/Croatian or Serbian.
  • You live in the Netherlands/ Europe but are often in the Balkans and would like to write about it.
  • You find writing fun, interesting, study Journalism, or are a starting journalist/ editor/ communication professional who wants to gain experience and contribute to an inspiring platform with big ambitions!
  • You are crazy about content creation and have bright and creative ideas how to convey travel reports with videos/stories/reels and want to develop further in this field.
  • You are a photographer and are looking for a platform to publish your photos.

What’s in for you?

  • You will appear on our team page with a photo, description and a link to your social media account.
  • If you have your own website, we will place a link to your website.
  • We are going to grow, that’s for sure and a matter of time. When we get an invitation for a collaboration to write about, for example, a newly opened resort, a unique place in the mountains, this will be put out to bloggers who have time and/or opportunity to write articles about it and, of course, go there.
  • All articles are shared via our Instagram account.
  • You will get feedback on your text and thus learn the intricacies of writing.

Writing for Balkanlocals?

Are you still enthusiastic and want to get started for Balkanlocals? Send an e-mail to balkanlocals@gmail.com with subject ‘Blogger’ and if you have written articles before, please include a link to the website.