The 5 Pyramids of Visoko: fascinating connection between energy and history

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Are you a history lover looking for adventure and believe in the power of energy? Then exploring the Visoko pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an experience not to be missed. This ancient pyramid complex has been a mystery for years. Some even claim it is the oldest pyramids in the world. Many believe that these pyramids possess a unique energy that can leave a profound impact on visitors. From the tunnels beneath the pyramids to the enigmatic symbols etched into the walls, every aspect of these structures is steeped in mystery and wonder.
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Introduction to Visoko and the pyramids

Visoko is a town in Bosnia, located between Zenica and Sarajevo,where the Fojnica river meets the Bosna. It is one of the country’s most important archaeological sites because of the presence of the pyramids. In October 2005, Dr Osmanagic announced that he had found ancient structures. With a team of archaeologists, they claim to have discovered pyramids of a civilisation that lived 34,000 years ago. Some believe they are the oldest pyramids in the world, while others dismiss this claim as a hoax. Many who have been there claim to experience a special energy. Number 1 world tennis player Novak Djokovic is so enthusiastic that he even had a tennis court built next to the pyramids so he can regularly regenerate in the caves while training. If these are the largest and oldest pyramids in the world, the whole view of our history becomes different. Either way, the Visoko pyramids are an important part of Bosnia’s cultural heritage.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest of Visoko’s three pyramids. This pyramid is about 220 metres high and has four sides pointing to the four cardinal directions. The pyramid is surrounded by a large complex of underground tunnels and chambers. Several artefacts related to the pyramid have also been found, including figurines, ceramic objects and stone tools. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the most researched and best documented part of the pyramids of Visoko.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon is the second largest pyramid in Visoko. This pyramid is about 190 metres high and has three sides pointing to the three main constellations: Orion, Dragon and Little Bear. Several tunnels and chambers have also been found around the pyramid, some of which are inlaid with semi-precious stones. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon is less explored than the Pyramid of the Sun, but is still considered an important part of the complex of pyramids at Visoko.

The Bosnian Pyramid of Love

The Bosnian Pyramid of Love is the smallest of the three pyramids in Visoko. It is about 120 metres high and points east. Several tunnels and chambers have been found in this pyramid, some of which are inlaid with crystals. The Bosnian Pyramid of Love is considered the most spiritual of the three pyramids and is often visited by people seeking healing and spiritual enlightenment. This pyramid is on private property and cannot always be visited. Sometimes it is possible to pay an entrance fee and/or visit it by booking a tour through the shop at Park Ravne 2.

Understanding the energy of the pyramids

One of the most fascinating aspects of the pyramids of Visoko is the supposed energy they emit. According to some researchers, these pyramids have a unique energy that can have a positive effect on the human body and mind. This energy is often referred to as orgone energy, a term coined by Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich. Orgone energy is considered a life force that is present in all living things and can be influenced by various factors, including the shape of objects.

Historical significance of the pyramids

The historical significance of the Visoko pyramids is still a subject of debate among scientists and historians. Some believe that these pyramids were built by an ancient civilisation possibly older than the Egyptian civilisation. Others, however, claim that these pyramids are natural mounds that were later worked on by human hands. However, several artefacts have been found around the pyramids suggesting that these pyramids may have been built by an ancient civilisation. These artefacts include figurines, ceramics and stone tools.

Ravne tunnels

Research has shown that the water flowing through these tunnels contains a unique combination of minerals that has healing and therapeutic effects on people who drink it. The water flowing there has a bovis value (the bovis value measures how much life force can be found in foods) of more than one million. So this would be extremely healthy since a bovis value above 10,000 is already termed vitalising.

Visiting the pyramids of Visoko

If you are interested in exploring the pyramids of Visoko, there are several tour companies that offer this trip. These tours usually include a visit to all three pyramids and the underground tunnels that run under them. About 1.5 km of these tunnels are walkable. The tunnels are about 3 km from the Pyramids of the Sun. The ticket for the tunnels costs €10, – and includes a 45-minute guided tour. When visiting the tunnel, you are required to go with a guide first. After your guided visit, you can enter the tunnels on your own for a fee of €5, -.Some tour companies also offer a visit to the nearby town of Visoko, where you can learn more about the local culture.


Other energy spots in Bosnia

Besides the Visoko pyramids, there are several other energy spots in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are worth visiting. One of these spots is the Kravice waterfall, considered one of the most powerful energy spots in the country. Other energy spots include the hill of the holy Mother of God in Medjugorje and the ancient fortress of Blagaj. If you are interested in history, archaeology and the mysteries of the universe, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the place to be!