5 x lunch like a LOCAL in Belgrade

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The sun is shining and you want to have lunch (or breakfast) at a nice place. There are lots of places to do that in Belgrade and in various parts of the city. Here are some suggestions!

Smokvica is a restaurant/ café-bar at several locations in the city. Nicest and most beautiful locations are in street Kralja Petra and Jovanova. If you choose Kralja Petra, you can grab a nice ice cream at Crna Ovca afterwards as the ice cream shop is across Smokvica. Food is good, a bit of a fusion of modern with traditional, and you can order several smaller dishes as well. For lunch, they serve delicious egg variations with homemade humus. So enjoy!

Smokvica, image via website

If you walk past the tourist spots on the main road, you will find eating bar Tezga (on Strahinjića Bana street) at a nice little square. Great food (order potaz (soup of the day) with proja (kind of corn muffins, super tasty).

Want to eat healthy and organic? Then visit vegetarian restaurant Jazza Yoga. Delicious shakes, sandwiches, salads and desserts. The food served there is based on Ayurvedic cuisine and seasonal cooking.

Supermarket Deli is a nice place for lunch and dinner. Not too much fuss, for a casual dinner or lunch in a pleasant place with lots of natural light. In the restaurant, they sell wines, jam and ajvar (puree made from peppers and aubergine), definitely bring a jar! Much tastier than ketchup.

Last but not least, Jedno Mesto (near bohemian quarter Skadarlija) is a fun and casual place with lots of choices for lunch and breakfast. Something for everyone.

More tips? Local Ivana tips her favourite spots in this article.